Research and Development

It has been emphasised throughout this website  how the needs of those bereaved by suicide are often different both in the intensity and duration of their grief from other forms of bereavement. There is a need to evaluate the experiences of people bereaved by suicide and to establish what forms of support are most effective. We are fortunate as a national charity in having contact with a number of Universities who have expressed an interest in assisting in this work if survivors are themselves involved in the research.

Requests to carry out research will be approved by the Board of Trustees. Only research which is ethically sound and sensitive and will enhance the knowledge of suicide bereavement is considered. It is important that research findings are used to support survivors.

Universities in East Anglia may like to take the opportunity to further this essential research. Please contact in the first instance.

Photo by E Thurston.
‘In Memory Of Our Wonderful Mum’
Photo by Stephanie Doel.
‘Karen, your legacy lives on through many, always missed x’.