Coroner’s Court – Inquests

Coroner’s Inquests

HOPE is fortunate to have Revd. Canon Chris Copsey on their Board of Trustees.

In Norfolk, Chris has a unique role in the UK as the only Chaplain in the Coroner’s Court. She is available with her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion to all survivors at HOPE who may be struggling as their inquest fast approaches.

Chris understands the Coroner’s Court can be a daunting place for anyone attending for the first time. It may seem a little scary and together with unfamiliar language and proceedings it can leave us feeling a bit bewildered.

If you would like practical advice or guidance through the whole ‘inquest process’ Chris has offered her support. She understands losing someone by suicide will be deeply upsetting.

You can contact her direct by email

or, if you prefer, by phone 07947 559 845.