Paddling the River Severn in memory of Fitz 

Claire and Jon were part of the four strong, Paddle for Fitz team, which travelled down the River Severn, from just south of Welshpool to Sharpness marina, in memory of Lee Fitzgerald. The 47-year-old took his own life in January 2020. 

Lee’s sister, Claire, brother Jon, and former Royal Marine colleagues, Rob Tweddle and Sean Johnson completed the challenge to raise money for HOPE and the Royal Marines Charity  

Claire said: “the camaraderie, the tranquillity of the river and the overwhelming kindness and support from complete strangers will stay with me forever. I hope this journey will inspire and offer hope to others. Having a goal, incorporating our natural environment and fitness, to focus on amid so much sadness has been key in my healing process. This experience has reinforced that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.” 

“With gift aid we’ve raised over £13,000 – Lee would be proud.” 

“It feels wonderful to be able to give something back to HOPE. It is such an important charity. Suzy has been instrumental in rebuilding the lives of people that were close to my brother”