Think Before You Speak

Society often struggles, feels embarrassed or even uncomfortable when coming into contact with anyone grieving. They don’t know what to say, it appears death can leave us speechless. It is also true that this statement can be a contradiction when dealing with suicide bereavement. Survivors are often forced to hear negative, offensive and ignorant comments about the person they have loved and lost.

If someone dies from a physical or terminal illness, they will be shown respect and compassion alongside the person who is left behind.
If someone dies by suicide they may be judged alongside the person who is left behind.

Here are examples of what not to say to a survivor…

Positive things you can say to a survivor:

I’m very sorry to hear your news

I know someone you can talk to (pass on our contact number – 07531 087 623)

Understand this grief is different and on average healing will take much longer than other forms of grief