UPDATE – The online petition is now closed. We would like to thank all those that took time to read and sign our petition. This page remains for reference purposes.

Historically, the term committed suicide comes from our criminal system and in 1961 suicide was decriminalised. People commit murder, arson, burglaries, robberies etc and for the police and church to still use this term is unhelpful. Unfortunately, survivors can experience first hand a specific brand of stigma attached only to this grief. Although it is understood there is a direct link between negative language like committed suicide and the abuse survivors can still experience these two words are still used on a daily basis

At it’s worst this outdated language is giving oxygen to the small minority in our society who believe suicide is an act of cowardice and should carry shame.Society should replace the term committed suicide with died by suicide. This petition is not about politics but about educating society on a subject many still struggle to discuss in the 21st century .

Criminals commit crimes.

Suicide is NOT a crime.

So STOP saying “Committed Suicide” and START saying “Died by Suicide”.

This is an opportunity for survivors across the country to unite and take the first steps to create a better understanding of suicide and the impact on those left behind in our society. Together we can do something amazing and help past, present and (sadly) future survivors by eradicating these two words from our language forever.

If a petition gains 10,000 signatures the government will respond. With 100,000 it will be considered for debate in parliament.

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